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Example mashups take manhattan

A terrifying number of people have taken me up on the javascript business, and powered on through with material that we haven’t covered in class. OK, that is awesome, but if that’s the path we’ve gone down, I should almost certainly be taking questions on that theme…

For example, if you followed the link through to the google spreadsheet map maker from the last post in this series, then you might have found that it made you some horrible javascript that it is NOT obvious how to do nice stuff with, and how to attach javascript widgets to. If anyone wants to follow through a step-by-step rebuild of that into some nicer javascript, then we can do that.

We can also look at other things – Google Apps for Your Domain (or What Does Google Apps for Your Domain Actually Do?)… BBpress installation as an example alternate app install. It’s up to you.


example mashups – part II


image by schwarz published under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Now, last time when we left off, the site was in what you’d call a colossal mess. Trashed wordpress install, and still no interesting visualisation. So, how to improve things?
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Example mashups – part I

first, make up a "centre" for each income bin

by vingt deux

by vingt deux, licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

I’ve had a number of questions about how to get some different types of data mashed up, and for some worked examples. Good! We didn’t have as much time as I was hoping to cover that, so I’ll whack it in this blog post so that those of you going down a mashup path have  some better examples. This isn’t a comprehensive overview, since we’ve already had one of those, but simple and detailed worked examples of what to do. I’ll show some of the false starts that I might make in a mashup project, as well as the successes. Continue reading ‘Example mashups – part I’

Mashups, and the web of data

an image from Kirsty Boyles excellent girltron project

an image from Kirsty Boyle's excellent girltron project

What on earth is a mashup? I don’t mean mashup in the media-sampling sense of DJ Earworm or Soda Jerk, but rather in the Web sense:
a mashup is a combination of two separate data sources available on the web, into some service or data set. Like the sampling sort of mashup, web mashups tend to be particularly valuable if their are surprising or subversive – but just plain useful is also good. Continue reading ‘Mashups, and the web of data’


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