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Getting animated

Thanks to pee nui for this happy snap

Thanks to pee nui for this happy snap

A prodding and pulling webpages until they twitch. Continue reading ‘Getting animated’


A short prehistory of everything


The diagram above is the first map of the internet. Through three universities/research centres in California to a fourth in Utah. It was scrawled in 1969. The social nature of the network (initially thought of as a way to distribute computational jobs remotely) became evident with the unexpected popularity of email. The first test message was sent in 1971 and by 1973 email made up the majority of network traffic. Continue reading ‘A short prehistory of everything’

the citizens of the web and their languages

Mary Maguire being interviewed on Radio 4BH in Brisbane, ca. 1936
This week was quite technically oriented. We’ll be returnng to the technical and aesthetic background of what we do here in later weeks, bur first of all: a quick introduction to the skills (and what is almost the same thing, the vocabulary) that will be neccessary for assessment. Continue reading ‘the citizens of the web and their languages’


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