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friendfeed update

Some quick notes about the friendfeed group.

  1. Right now it’s private, but the moment the course is over and I can abdicate responsibility for keeping it free from spam and cheating, I’ll be opening it up so that you can keep referring to it long after you’ve forgotten your password. Bear that in mind!
  2. You’ll probably find it a lot more useful if you set it up to email or message you when someone posts new content, but fiddling with the “email/IM” options on the group feed. I’m subscribed for updates, and can answer questions about specific links for you there.
    setting IM preferences in friendfeed

Welcome to netcultures.

What are we here for?

In this subject, students engage with the diversity of cultures and practices on the Internet, and with the concepts and techniques involved in Internet website development.

Through lectures, tutorials, workshops and production exercises, students explore a range of websites and online communities, and gain core technical skills in website production.

These include production skills for animation, streaming media and publishing for the Internet. Students work individually or in groups to develop a small website.

Got that?

I’m your lecturer for the duration, and my name is Dan MacKinlay. Contact me at netcultures [at] email [dot] possumpalace [dot] org with all your questions.

You will also want to check out our friendfeed group, or I’ll dock ya marks.


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