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The web as a contested landscape

The Incredible 2-Headed Transplant
It’s late in the semester, and hopefully everyone’s drunk a fair share of web 2.0 kool-aid. So, let’s supplement the tools and techniques of the course with a bit of context about the problems of using them. This is by no means a complete list. It should be enough to start you thinking.

Where is the public space online?

Public space ┬áis generally considered pretty critical to, among other things, a functional civil society. Consider how many governments fall because of mass street protests. Or the curfews that totalitarian regimes impose upon the use of public space. Continue reading ‘The web as a contested landscape’


The web as a social landscape

The web was not always the interactive, social place that it has become. While broad, social interactivity is getting closer to ubiquitous, (I know you’re all on facebook, for example) the implications of this all are still not obvious. But we are at a juncture where it’s still possible to pick out particularly interactive flagship interactive sites from a background of older, less interactive ones. Here’s a fragment of a list… Continue reading ‘The web as a social landscape’


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