What else?

things happening right now on the web that you should know about.

Hell, I hate marketing buzz. Let’s check out ReadWriteWeb’s opinion.

  1. Structured Data
  2. The Real-Time Web
  3. Personalization
  4. Mobile Web & Augmented Reality
  5. Internet of Things

I’d add to that list…


Yahoo pipes is the harbinger of a whole ream of useful tools that do clever things by updating live in response to changes in the internet, and could be some of the most important technical plumbing the web sees. Check out codepadUtility Mill, and Scriptlets for a taste of that.

The Semantic Web

See the W3C for some nice background, and some of the design issues opposed to it, such as The Rule of Least Power. Check out spooky services like “open” calais, and zemanta, and also naysayers, who have my sympathies.

Data visualisation

I partially wrote a lecture about that which we didn’t have time for.

the dark net

I partially wrote a lecture about that too which we didn’t have time for either.


Making things over the net is a rapidly expanding project.


Well, this ain’t new. The net’s been running on code for a long time. It could be next for you, however. Now code is more powerful than its ever been before, and there are more great tutorials. If you want to do some real fancy tricks online, why not give some more javascript (and jQuery) a burl? Or one of those modern trendy languages, python and ruby?


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