Assessment #2 – Project proposal

Bamboo Scaffolding, Cambodia
As per our last lecture, I’m putting the assessment up. If you have comments that might be of relevance to the rest of the class feel free to post them here!

From our esteemed course guide.:

Task: Students must produce a proposal for their web project incorporating the following components:

  1. A 1,000 word synopsis outlining what the student is planning to develop within this subject for their website project, which includes a clear description of the underlying motivation of the piece, the intended user experience, and the intended target audience.
  2. A navigational diagram or flowchart, which clearly demonstrates the navigational pathways of the project.

Assessment criteria:

  1. Demonstration engagement with the subject of emerging cultural practices within internet spaces
  2. Demonstration of ability to develop an idea into a concept and project plan
  3. Demonstration of the ability to plan and organise work schedule.

For our purposes, the most important assessment criteria is number 1, which will be weighted as 50% of the grade, however, you measure such things. This is netcultures after all, and we need to consider this in terms of the emerging trends of the wider net itself and not just the hottest animation techniques. So, position your project in terms of the trends we have been examining this semester, such as the web of data, or the ubiquitous/mobile web, or our upcoming concerns with the social web, or all three.

You are welcome to phrase the project management plan in terms of a particular agile project management methodology if you choose but use of a particular methodology will not be assessed. In other words, if you are a mad devotee of “Scrum” or “Agile” methods, that’s great, but you should not feel compelled to look up those terms if you have no idea what they mean. For our purposes, a sound, reasoned, and justified explanation of your goals (and contingency plans if you run into trouble) will be fine.

As I have already said, I will be assessing you on the outcomes you achieve, and not requiring you to use a particular technology. nonetheless, I’d recommend that you consider your technological options and briefly discuss your choice of technology and rationale in this piece as part of the “sound, reasoned and justified” part of the  project plan.

Due October 9th.

3 Responses to “Assessment #2 – Project proposal”

  1. 1 j September 16, 2009 at 18:21

    hey Dan, i’m really confused about what to do for this assignment. i have no ideas, and have no idea on how to do mash ups or locative media….. do you have any suggestions?

    • 2 netcultures September 17, 2009 at 11:55

      There’s two question there… I answer the “how” one first, eh?

      We’ll work through some techniques in class. In fact, we already have done a few…
      There are some basic tools for locative media listed in the locative we lecture, and some mashup tools listed in the lecture for week three. I tried to introduce these two themes close together because there’s lots of tools that overlap both of them. For example, the topic of the lecture in week 3 was using yahoo pipes- that’s probably the most famous mashup tool out there… it allows you to add mapping information to an RSS feed. So if you have some information that you wish to display on, you could use mashup tools to get it there.

      As far as ideas go… I’m afraid I’ll have to collate my suggestion list for you tonight, since I have a meeting with a client right now. Fear not, I shall return in a few hours!

      J also tells me that he’s had a few problems getting his comments to register on the blog. If anyone else has had that problem, could you please let me know ASAP and I’ll take it up with the IT admins at UTS. We are going to need these comments systems to be working later on!

  2. 3 netcultures September 18, 2009 at 01:26

    Now, where was I?


    One key point that I recommend you don’t forget is that we’re also covering a bit of the social media. That should give you some more options.

    As far as ideas go, you don’t need to think think too big. There is a virtue in small, highly-targeted sites – even ones aimed at people you know. You don’t have to solve a nation-wide, or a world-wide problem.

    You might want to think in terms of the online/offline
    trends. Maybe if the output of your project can be a site linked to a printable map or magazine?

    Mapping projects are always fun – you could simply prepare a graffiti map of your suburb, or a map of quiet places to sit, nice hitchiking spots, or of every object coloured orange. Whimsy is fine.

    Mapping projects are also easy to mashup – so the giant photography site Flickr has a geographical search and you can use yahoo pipes to combine it with other things.

    Or fill a need you have – if you wanted to continue on from your Assessment #1, you could look at collaborative annotation of a text – even a biblical commentary. (there’s a couple of suggestions in the upcoming lecture about how to do this.)

    I’ll post some more suggestions to friendfeed as they appear!

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